Festival des Arts de la scène Val-Gatinois - bande entete

Public Program

Saturday, March 10
Opening Ceremony
Welcoming Remarks
Municipalité de Lac-Sainte-Marie
Festival committee
Presentation of calendar of events by the committee
The Ringos
Sunday, March 11
Les Ménestrels
The Four Score String Quartet
Naomi Eberhard and Nadia Boucher, opera
Thuesday, March 13
Vanessa Lavoie, new country
Wednesday, March 14
Kayser the magician, Bouchette
Thursday, March 15
Joual de Bataille, poetry
A Leverage for Mountains
Friday, March 16
Guy Bélanger
Saturday, March 17
L'ensemble Jazz Réunion
Bruno Pelletier
School Program
Tuesday, March 13
Grupo de Capoeira
Daniel Richer, Seven Tales for Seven Teachings
Wednesday, March 14
10:00am and 1:30pm
Bboyizm, Breakdance
Friday, March 16
9:30am and 1:30pm
Daniel Richer, Papoose Aki

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Thanks to our partners

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Introductory Remarks

March 10 is the launch of the 9th Festival des Arts de la scène Val-Gatinois (Performing Arts Festival) in the Lac-Sainte-Marie community. Thanks to the financial contributions of our partners, the Festival will host within the South of the Gatineau Valley and its surroundings a number of quality events presented by spirited professional artists from the region and from afar. Join us in this wonderful cultural adventure in Lac-Sainte-Marie from March 10 to 17, 2018. The events will cover a variety of styles, from Western to Blues, Opera to Jazz, Rock to Classical, Magic and Improvisation and for our young school attendees, aboriginal storytelling and dance.

Mrs. Chantal Lamarche, our Honorary President for this 9th Festival, actively supports the importance of culture in the Gatineau Valley. Happy Festival to all!

A word of welcome from Honorary President, Mrs. Chantal Lamarche, Prefect

Préfet de la MRC Vallé de la Gatineau

Dear fellow citizens,

Please allow me, as Prefect of the MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and honorary president of this beautiful cultural event, to welcome you to the 9th edition of Festival des Arts de la Scène Val-Gatinois! Not having grown up in an environment where culture was present, I have always been drawn to the arts. That is why, as soon as I heard that theater workshops were being held in our region, I didn’t hesitate to enroll my daughter. Theater allows young people to face their fears, to break from isolation, and especially to build self-esteem by showcasing their many talents to spectators. That's how I met Nadine Pinton and Denis Labelle more than 10 years ago. They were offering young people a great opportunity to get on the stage. Since then, I have continued to follow and support them in this great cultural project! As Prefect of the MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, it is a great privilege for me to act as honorary president. I believe we must promote culture in all its forms because it allows a community to recognize itself, to define itself, and to identify itself. The MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau abounds with cultural richness due to its heritage and terroir. It is therefore essential to recognize the fundamental contribution of culture as a source of inspiration, fulfillment, and common identify, but also as a means of population retention, an economic force, and of collective pride. It is my role and my responsibility to make sure that culture occupies a place of choice within our community!

Happy festival to all and welcome to the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau!

Culturally yours,

Chantal Lamarche, Prefect MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau

Honorary President

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Spécial thanks to M. Jean Chartier et Mme Chantal Paradis, Mme Susan Crawford van der Burg, Mme Sandra Romaniuk, Mme Pauline Sauver, M. Lionel Sauver.